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Bannockburn’s Hot Lunch Program in Partnership with Pusateri’s


Our Bannockburn Hot Lunch Program is provided by Pusateri’s. This program offers a wide variety of nutritious and delicious items for our students to choose from. The program follows a “Build-Your-Child’s-Lunch” method, where the parent can choose the food their child likes each day. We have designed this program to try to meet all the nutritional needs of students while offering food the children will enjoy eating!

How Does the Program Work?

There are four food categories to select from The Entrée section provides a choice of two hot Entrees each day, which come in both a small and large size. These items will be different each day and will have a three-week rotation. This means that hot Entrée choices will be different for three weeks and then the rotation will start again with week one choices. The Sandwich category offers an alternative to the hot Entrée for those children who would prefer a Sandwich on that day. These Sandwich choices will remain the same all the time. The Salad category allows the parent to select from a variety of Salads to add to their child’s hot Entrée or Sandwich. These Salads will remain the same all the time. The Snack section allows parents to add an additional item to their child’s meal. These Snack items will remain the same all the time. Please see the complete menu for a detailed description of all items.

This “Build-Your-Child’s–Lunch” allows parents to select the exact food their child will happily eat each day! Parents are welcome to select an entire meal by choosing from the Salad, Entrée and Snack section, which they will not need to send any additional food to school each day. Parents are also welcome to just select an Entrée or Sandwich and send additional daily snacks from home. The objective of this “Build-Your-Child’s–Lunch” is to have all children enjoy eating a healthy lunch eat day!

How to Order

In order to participate in the program, parents must first fill out the lunch order form for the next week. The Lunch Order Form will contain the menu options for the following week. Parents are to select lunch items from this menu weekly and submit them.

Please see the complete menu here.

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