Bannockburn’s Hot Lunch Program, Partnering with Healthy Kidz



We are very excited to announce that we have a new lunch program for the 2023-24 school year. We have listened to the feedback from parents, children, and teachers about what they want our school lunch program to offer. We all need a lunch program that serves a choice of nutritious food that our students enjoy and want to eat! We require a program that allows for easy ordering and flexibility. We also should strive to be environmentally aware and avoid companies that produce a great deal of waste. We spent the summer searching, researching, and tasting all the options until we found one that met our needs. Our new lunch program, which meets all these requirements is Healthy Kidz.

Healthy Kidz delivers delicious hot lunches to children at schools, recreational camps, and daycares in the GTA. Tasty, child-focused menus reflect their philosophy to combine excellent nutrition with flavours and foods that children love. Their lunch menus are designed and prepared in accordance with the Canada Food Guide to Healthy Eating: Bill 8 – Healthy Foods for Healthy Schools Act, The Trans Fat Regulation and the PPM 150 – Food and Beverage Policy and CCEYA requirements. All menus are approved by a Registered Dietician and support the Municipal and Regional Criteria including the City of Toronto Operating Criteria. Additionally, every staff member has a current certification through the Food Handler Certification Program, as well as a Police Background Check.

The lunch program will offer a choice of three meals a day, including a vegetarian option. Parents will also submit any other dietary requirements, such as allergies, or preferences for vegan, gluten and dairy-free options. Every meal comes as a complete meal that includes protein, grains, fruit and or vegetables. This will make ordering easy for parents as they only need to select their chosen meal for each day. Healthy Kidz lunch program is also an environmentally GREEN service. They recognize our responsibility to reduce waste and to set a positive, environmentally friendly and sustainable example in the communities they serve. They have developed and implemented a number of policies in order to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment. All containers that lunches are served in are returned to the Healthy Kidz facility, sanitized, and reused! There is no waste going into the garbage each day.

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