Bannockburn Parents’ Association

Great things are happening at Bannockburn, and the year ahead promises to be filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

The Bannockburn Parents’ Association (BPA) is a vital part of the school community. Every parent in the school is automatically a member of the BPA and we welcome your involvement!

The BPA has many roles within the Bannockburn community. It is used to facilitate dialogue within the school community, serve as a resource for all parents, raise funds for enhancing programs and materials at the school, and to encourage participation in school activities by all families. Most importantly, the BPA works to maintain the wonderful sense of community we have always had at our school.

The BPA monthly meetings are a great opportunity to meet other parents and learn about the BPA’s ongoing activities. Meetings are held once a month, alternating between morning and evening meetings, so all parents can participate. Our evening meetings are also used as a social event, where dinner is served and parents can socialize.

Each class has a designated BPA representative, who volunteers their time to provide their classes with updates about BPA activities throughout the school. When the BPA is planning events, fundraisers, or other activities, committees of volunteers are formed to organize, plan and execute these events. We are always thrilled to have volunteers help in any way, from selling tickets to making posters. If you can spare a bit of time, we can find something for you to do!

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