Montessori in the Media


How a Radical New Teaching Could Unleash a New Generation of Geniuses – Students in Matmoros, Mexico weren’t getting much out of school — until a radical new teaching method unlocked their potential.

Maria Montessori: guru for a new generation of business innovators – The education reformer’s influence is behind some of the workplace’s most creative thinking

“A Montessori Morning” Video – This video was filmed at the Dundas Valley Montessori School in Dundas, ON and is a collection of 3000 photos taken by a Montessori Mom showcasing her son’s 3-hour work cycle.

Why Tools of the Mind and Montessori Educational Approaches Can Help Executive Function Skills – School curricula empirically shown to improve EFs share several features in common.

How Do Innovators Think? – Excerpts from a recent Harvard Business Review article that focuses on the key traits and characteristics of leading innovators and creative thinkers, and that refers to Montessori schooling.

Google Founders Acknowledge Montessori – The founders of Google attribute their creativity and self-motivation to Montessori education.

Montessori: the Science Behind the Genius – An excerpt from University of Virginia psychologist Angeline Stoll-Lillard’s thoroughly-researched study on the scientific foundation behind Montessori philosophy and methodology.

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