Elementary Program


Bannockburn’s Elementary program is open to children between 6 and 12 years old (grades 1 through 6). Students between 6 and 9 years old (grades 1 to 3) attend the Lower Elementary Program, and students between 9 and 12 years old (grades 4 to 6) attend the Upper Elementary Program.

A Bannockburn education prepares the individual for success within the classroom and beyond it. Imagination, interaction, inquiry and initiative are key components of our Montessori Elementary program. Bannockburn Elementary students actively build upon their strong academic foundation and progress towards achievement and fulfillment through collaboration, creative expression and contribution to the community.

The Elementary environments are dynamic, vibrant spaces buzzing with inspired lessons, passionate projects and cooperative study. Freedom and responsibility continue to be exercised and refined, enabling students to cultivate independence and their ability to choose while simultaneously imparting the importance of responsibility.

Already equipped with solid knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics and culture, the Elementary child is ready to delve deeper into “Why?” and “How?” and is offered a vast wealth of cross-curricular information to explore. The teacher works with students individually and in groups and empowers each child to make interdisciplinary connections, pursue ideas, and master essential life and leadership skills. Asking big questions, applying one’s own knowledge and skills to answer them, and using innovation and creativity to solve problems are intrinsically embedded in the classroom culture. In the Elementary classroom, students do not merely learn, but develop the skills to learn on their own.

Socially, the Elementary child is driven to discover his or her role in the community and the world, and peer interaction and community service are vital. Mixed-age classrooms facilitate opportunities to exercise leadership and to foster respect for others’ opinions and abilities. Each student is challenged at his or her own pace, while richly benefitting from the shared inquiry. Children are actively encouraged and inspired to go out into the local community to make positive contributions through public service.

Please contact Heather Fogarty at reception@bannockburn.ca or at 416.789.7855 to learn more about the brilliance of the Bannockburn Elementary Program.

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