Our Story


Bannockburn’s story begins with a community of parents and educators united by a lifelong love of learning. Local families and educators from North Toronto and North York neighbourhoods were passionate about giving their children an authentic, exceptional Montessori education.  In 1993, under the leadership of founder Adalove Gorrie, the Children’s Montessori Independent School (CMIS) opened its doors to a tightly-knit and supportive community. A year later, CMIS acquired not-for-profit status and changed its name to Bannockburn School.  It’s solid standing as an outstanding Montessori school led to the growth of Elementary and Toddler Programs.

Over 30 years later, Bannockburn is a treasured community school, and its reputation for exceptional, enriched academics, outstanding Montessori standards, and respect for the whole child continues to strengthen and spread.  Today, many students and families are proud to know Bannockburn as a second home: a warm, wonderful school community where children love to learn, and where they grow and thrive as creative, confident and compassionate individuals.

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