25 Years



“Thank you Bannockburn!!!”

Silvia and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Bannockburn and the wonderful experience your school has provided Bianca over the past seven years.  As you know, Bianca started attending Bannockburn in junior kindergarten and finishes Grade 6 in June.  Attending the school was the best decision we could possibly have made for our daughter as Bannockburn is a truly special place.

We are strong supporters of the Montessori teaching principles and practices. In our opinion, there is no doubt that Bannockburn delivers the best Montessori education in the city. Evidence of your school’s excellent teachers, support staff and superior learning environment were confirmed when Bianca was accepted to all four of the schools to which she applied for grade 7.  As Bannockburn only goes up to grade 6, over the last year we undertook the task of trying to figure out the next best school for Bianca to attend.  We applied to several prominent private schools, all of which had a substantial number of applicants and rigorous admission criteria.  Some of our friends were concerned that Bianca might have difficulty in being accepted to those schools due to her attending a Montessori school.  However, I am pleased to advise that Bianca was accepted by all four of the schools to which she applied and will be attending Branksome Hall this September.

In addition, the feedback we received from the four schools was that Bianca displayed a high level of confidence and maturity as well as exemplary communication skills.  Without question, your school played an invaluable role in helping Bianca realize her academic potential and in teaching her a desire for learning.  We could not be happier with the results achieved by Bianca during her time at Bannockburn nor with the excellent teachers, staff and remarkable learning environment your school has provided.  We highly recommend Bannockburn as a premier school, be it Montessori or otherwise, and cannot thank you enough for the kindness and support everyone at Bannockburn has shown our daughter over the years.

Family of Bianca, Bannockburn Class of 2015. Bianca is attending Branksome Hall. 


“Looking Back: Bannockburn From the Very Beginning”

I am writing this letter to let you know that Ryan has just graduated from The York School and will be off to Queen’s University. His goal is to study medicine as soon as he is eligible to write his MCAT.

As I reflect back on his childhood and his more recent adolescent years, I cannot help but think about the true gift that Montessori gave him. Ryan’s strong foundation for learning and his love of school was fostered during his nine years at Bannockburn. I recall so clearly his work with the Golden Beads, the Stamp Game and the exercise to understand pi. Math has been his favourite subject ever since, and his fascination with science has been all-encompassing.

Ryan has excelled in school because he goes beyond expectations and sees the world in a very interrelated way. When your child is in the Montessori program it is often difficult to see what they are learning and how it will impact their future. I want to share with you that Ryan received an IB Diploma from The York School with a 95% average, and was accepted at his university of choice. He was also Captain of the Senior Boys Volleyball Team, Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, competed on the Ontario Freestyle Mogul Team and continued to lead fundraising events to support kids with cancer.

Bannockburn gave him the foundation for learning and the skills in time management and leadership, to help him reach his full potential. Looking back, we absolutely made the right choice to send Ryan to Bannockburn School.

Family of Ryan, Bannockburn Class of 2004. Ryan attended The York School, completed his studies at Queens University and is currently at the University of Toronto.


“A Bannockburn Beginning: Without a Doubt, Worth It”

“We can happily say that Tristan’s life at Bannockburn from 18 months to 12 years old was worthwhile each and every day. He always wanted to be at school and never was there a day he did not want to go.  The Bannockburn family is very close and the children feel secure and cared for in the school. This makes the children happy and confident, which then enables them to reach their full potential.

In our opinion, it is of absolute importance to give the child a solid foundation during the early years of development. The Montessori method gives the child the opportunity to be an individual and be responsible for choosing materials; such independence empowers the child to have a love for learning.  We felt that Tristan needed the right environment to fully achieve his potential. In grades 1-3, he was not interested in Math. Then during grades 4-6, he excelled in Math as he found his passion for it. The fact that the Montessori environment allows children to grow at their own pace gave Tristan more confidence.

After graduating from grade 6 at Bannockburn, Tristan has constantly been on the honour roll… and his teachers have praised him for his love of learning. He adjusted to the new school immediately. We are very happy that Tristan stayed on at Bannockburn. He is not only equipped educationally but he is also full of confidence and security in who he truly is. Bannockburn prepared our son to be a confident and independent individual, and was most definitely and without a doubt, worth it.”

Family of Tristan, Bannockburn Class of 2006. Tristan completed his secondary schooling at the Crescent School and is currently at Northwestern University.

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