Board of Directors

Bannockburn School achieves its vision and mission with the support of its Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of members who bring a variety of skills relevant to the operation of the school, and who share Bannockburn’s passionate belief in the principles and objectives of Montessori education. The Board is legally responsible for the school’s continuance and is in regular contact with the Head of School, to whom it entrusts the school’s day-to-day operation and management. Bannockburn School is an independent, not-for-profit institution. Its Board receives no remuneration and carries out its work on a fully voluntary basis. We gratefully acknowledge the dedication and commitment to exceptional Montessori education shown by our Board of Directors every year.

The Board of Directors for the current academic year is as follows:

  • Lisa Russell (Chair of the Board of Directors)
  • Jerry Maheras 
  • Christina Sorbara
  • Lisa Bayrami
  • Sue Rosenblat
  • Phil Gibson
  • Christine Bernardini
  • Vasilis Papadiamantopoulos

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