BPA Fundraisers

Pizza Lunch & Sub Lunch

Pizza lunch is one of the most popular and successful fundraising programs the BPA runs each year, and now we have a Sub Lunch Program!

Once a month, the BPA will offer a pizza lunch and a sub lunch for all students who wish to sign up. On the designated Pizza Lunch Friday participants will receive Pizza Nova cheese pizza and fruit.  On the designated Sub Lunch Friday participants will receive Subway subs and fresh fruit each month. Parents can select the type of sub their child likes with the toppings of their choice! Sub choices are turkey, ham, cold cuts, veggie, or salami on either white or 9-grain bread. Registration for both programs and selection of sub choices will be made and paid for through Operoo. You will receive an email invitation to sign up for these programs through Operoo.

The pizza lunch program costs $150 for the entire school year and the gluten-free option is $160.  The sub lunch program costs $150 for a 6-inch sub or $200 for a 12-inch sub for the entire school year.  All net proceeds help support activities and initiatives of the BPA. Here is a complete list of Pizza and Sub lunch days for the school year.

Fun Fair Fundraiser

Each year, the BPA holds a Fundraising Fun Fair! It is a wonderful community event that includes current families, new families, alumni, staff, as well as friends and members of the community. There is great entertainment, including bouncy castles, giant slides, train rides, music, a watermelon eating contest and magic! The Fun Fair is always a highly anticipated event and is a great way to raise funds to support our school!


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