25 Years

Bannockburn on Bayview


We are incredibly grateful for the Bannockburn parents and staff that have come together to form the Bannockburn School Build Committee. The Build Committee is a group of Bannockburn School Leaders in the parent community who are providing oversight and managing the major responsibilities of the new school build. Their expertise will bring the vision of our Flagship Montessori School to life.

Build Committee:

  • Christina Sorbara, Vice President of Corporate Knowledge, Sorbara Group
  • Honor Ireland, President, The Langar Foundation
  • Jerry Maheras, President, GEOBLOQ
  • Julian De Gasperis, General Manager/Executive Sales, DG Group
  • Justin Madhany, Managing Partner, Prodigy Group
  • Marissa Soumalias, Chief Executive Officer, Mission Inc.
  • Meg Kahnert, Head of School, Bannockburn School
  • Susan Lennox, Owner, Lennox Architects Ltd.
  • Sharon Robinson, Business and Facility Manager, Bannockburn School
  • Jacqueline Richman, Director of Advancement and Community Relations, Bannockburn School

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