Bannockburn on Bayview


Our vision is to have a strategically formed, permanent, state-of-the-art space, specifically designed for students and teachers within an enhanced Montessori environment that will transform the educational opportunities for those attending Bannockburn. Having designated spaces for physical education, art, music, and second language education will enhance the curriculum opportunities in each of these areas.

The implementation of such plans will take Bannockburn to the next level, for both sustainability, and for a competitive advantage, thus elevating our reputation, in the arena of other elite, Independent schools.

We are currently at the early stages of the process, having just submitted our planning applications at the end of 2021. These applications are subject to approval by the City of Toronto. In the coming weeks, you will see development application signs go up on the property; these signs indicate that a development application has been made to the City of Toronto to rezone the property. Please use this link to view the application materials posted on the City’s website.

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